New channel: wikiHow

Jan 10, 2020  ·  Posted in content

New channel: wikiHow

We’ve all been there – you’re searching for how to do something and the first place you check is of course, wikiHow. Since 2005, wikiHow has been the Internet’s answer to anything with its trustworthy step-by-step articles and more recently, YouTube videos. WikiHow’s instructions are not only easy to follow and comprehensive, but also reviewed by thousands of experts to make sure the information is reliable. This is why we couldn’t be more excited to announce our new collaboration – a wikiHow channel on Neverthink!

The channel features short how-to-guide videos that help you achieve your goals and solve both big and small problems. Just like on the wikiHow website, the topics range from hobbies and crafts to business, health and relationships. When you open the channel, you never know what kind of new skill you’ll stumble upon – tying a bowline knot, meditation…it can be anything! The videos break even large goals like “how to make money” down to actionable steps you can take to achieve them. The wikiHow team hopes that by having the channel on Neverthink, they can reach even more people who are curious to learn new things.

“WikiHow is always looking to reach and teach more users around the world. People often find us when they’re looking to learn something specific, but with Neverthink, we get to teach people who are simply curious and looking to grow! We believe that there’s a lot of joy in learning to do something new, whether it’s making homemade candles, playing a new game, or finally fulfilling your childhood dream of holding a handstand.”

The channel is now available on all our platforms, try it out now!