New channel: Bro Code

Jul 10, 2019  ·  Posted in content

New channel: Bro Code

We’ve been working on a bunch of new channels lately and today we’re excited to introduce you the first one: Bro Code 🥏

Bro Code is a channel where you can find crazy trick shots, challenges and dares, like “Can you make pizza on the back of a moving truck?” and “We turned an aquarium into a pool with sharks”. Basically there are videos after which you don’t have to wonder why the average life expectancy for guys is lower than for girls. If you love the challenges on Millennial AF, you’ll definitely want to try out this one!

The channel is curated by our Pop Culture curators Beto Guzman and Alex Purtov. How would they describe the channel?

“The channel is a lifestyle itself, you know – the kind of things you dare your friends to do, or wish you could do while hanging out. The idea comes from wanting to watch something that would be fun and motivate me to be more active, some sports challenges are feasible, maybe not some of the craziest shit but at least some are,” Beto explains.

Go check out Bro Code today and stay tuned – there’s more new channels coming very soon 🙌

Thumbnail: “NERF VS Knock Off Challenge” by Battle Universe!__