Featured Creator Interview: UnusualVideos

Jan 30, 2020  ·  Posted in people

Featured Creator Interview: UnusualVideos

Say hello to the creator behind the Unusual Videos and Perfectly Cut Screams channels! UnusualVideos is a Canadian YouTuber and influencer, whose accounts have exploded in popularity – he has over 2.5 million followers on his social media. UnusualVideos features short, funny, and a bit unusual videos from all over the internet, while Perfectly Cut Screams is literally videos of screaming that are cut at just the right moment. Now that Unusual Videos also curates channels at Neverthink, we wanted do a little Q&A to share his story with you!

Q: How would you describe Unusual Videos and Perfectly Cut Screams?

A: The channels are really just videos I’m excited to share and it’s as simple as that.

Q: How do you find new, underrated creators?

A: You’d be surprised at the stuff you’ll find scrolling a page or two past where most people would stop.

Q: What do you enjoy most about making and collecting videos?

A: Good or bad, the internet has always been an escape for me. Life is full of ups and downs and the internet really is a home where I can take a break from all that. When people reach out to me and let me know the channel and the videos helped them escape, it really means a lot.

Q: What’s the most challenging part about your work?

A: The randomness can be frustrating. Sometimes you’ll go days without finding something you like, while other days you can find enough to last you a week.

Q: What are your future goals for Unusual Videos and Perfectly Cut Screams ?

A: It’s been a long time coming, but I’d like to and have been working on a way to actually pay people for posting their stuff. Sure exposure is nice, but ultimately I think directly supporting creators financially is just as important. Can’t reveal anything yet but I have big plans for 2020!

Q: What type of YouTube videos do you watch in your free time?

A: If you’ve watched the channels, you can see exactly what I watch in my free time. I do take the channels seriously, but I also try my best not to make it feel like a job. The line between free time and working on the channels has become kind of blurred, which I’m actually very okay with. Outside of content for the channels though I watch a lot of live streaming and gaming content.

Q: Last but not least, do you have an all-time favorite video?

A: The Office Chair Accident