Giving the Android app a makeover

Apr 1, 2019  ·  Posted in product

Giving the Android app a makeover

Today we’re excited to release the completely redesigned version of our Android app. Our mission was to create an experience that focuses on the content while being easy to understand and a joy to use. In this blog post we’ll go through some of the major design aspects of the new version.

Download it from Google Play

Content is king

We realized that in order to make the best viewing experience possible, we needed to remove a lot of the clutter. There was also an increase of different aspect ratios, which the old version didn’t handle very gracefully (portrait videos anyone?). That’s why we put the video as the main element and overlaid everything else on top of it.

To maximize the available screen space and to support the growing number of tall devices, we took it one step further. Introducing zoom to fill. Just pinch the screen with two fingers to zoom in or out!

Rule of thumb(s)

Phones are mostly used with thumbs and thumbs have a limited reach. This is why we put the main controls at the bottom of the screen where they are easy to access.

Thumbs are also great for swiping and this version takes advantage of that by introducing gesture controls: swipe sideways to skip videos, double tap to seek, and swipe up to quickly access the channels.

Build your own remote

Our channel offering has grown to over 45 channels over the past two years. Instead of filling up the remote, we gave our users the power to make it their own.

You can now discover new channels, add them to your remote and reorder them to your liking by pressing and holding on a channel. It’s really that simple.


It’s been a really fun and intensive past 2 months. We’ve poured through a lot of the valuable feedback you have sent us, made hundreds of design iterations, built prototypes and put in a lot of sweat and tears to polish it all up. We truly feel that this is a worthy successor to the previous versions and that you’ll enjoy using it as much as we did building it.

PS. “But what about iOS?“ we hear you ask. Don’t worry, you are not forgotten. We will soon give it the same treatment :)