Monetization Policy

According to Section 8 of our Terms of Service we may monetize your content and you may be invited to receive compensation. This Monetization Policy defines how your compensation is calculated. Neverthink reserves the right to change this Policy at any time.

Principles and Explanation

We develop new monetization mechanisms and improve existing ones on an ongoing basis. Some of those improvements also require the revenue sharing calculation to be updated. There are some principles that will not change and the specific calculation is our best effort to uphold them:

  • We compensate for contribution to end user value.
  • Half of any money made with your content is yours.

We have several sources of revenue and we share them on a monthly basis. The revenues are also connected to some part of the service, like a sponsored meme jam, early access videos avaiable exclusively on the service, or a specific channel for example. From our data we can see which videos and video views contributed to generating which pool of revenue.

We can show you forecasts during the month, but the exact calculation is done after each month when the revenues and views are known. Every creator’s share is proportional to the number of views their videos got within the context of that pool and shared 50/50 with Neverthink. Creators can contribute and participate in sharing of several pools with any number of videos. The same video can also be part of several pools.

Definition of the Revenue Share Calculation

In connection with any monetization of your Creator Content, Neverthink will:

  1. collect any amounts payable by subscribers, advertisers, third-party distributors, or other third parties in connection with Neverthink’s monetization of your Creator Content (“Total Collected Revenue”);
  2. deduct from Total Collected Revenue taxes payable by Neverthink and expenses incurred by Neverthink in connection with the Total Collected Revenue (“Total Net Revenue”);
  3. to the extent Total Net Revenue exceeds $1,000 in a calendar month, determine the number of end-user video views that contributed to the Total Net Revenue received by Neverthink in that same period (“Total View Count”);
  4. determine the number of views of your Creator Content that was included in the Total View Count during that same period (your “View Ratio”); and
  5. to the extent views of your Creator Content was included in the Total View Count, pay you an amount equal to 50% of the Total Net Revenue in the relevant period multiplied by your View Ratio in that same period. Amounts payable to you will be added to your Creator Account balance when Total Net Revenue for a month is settled.

If your Creator Account balance exceeds a payment threshold of $100, you can withdraw the funds.