Senior developer

Senior developer

We‘re looking for a skilled developer to help us change the way people consume video online. We don’t pretend to know what exactly makes a great teammate until we meet you. But anyway, here’s our thinking to help you get a feel if it’s worth your time reaching out.

How we imagine you

You want to work in a team and deliver. You’re in it to win it.

You’re good, not shy about it, and experienced enough to really know what that means. You can also name developers you respect and want to learn from. You can look at that list of technologies below and check off many of them as familiar. The ones you haven’t worked with are no biggie. It’s not your first rodeo. You’ve learned enough new languages and tools along the way to know it‘s just part of the job.

Experience also tells you never to make yourself a SPOF. You’re no manager, but you like to help younger colleagues bloom. It’s how your skills and experience can have the biggest impact.

Jobs to be done

We’re developing a butter-smooth user experience on practically all the platforms out there: Android, iOS, Web, Smart TV’s, Set-top boxes and Oculus, just to name a few.

We’re using whatever works best for each of them. Currently the apps are written using Swift, React and React Native.

It all needs to be served by a scalable back-end and a command center for content curators. The current stack consists of AWS (Cloudfront, Elasticache, Route 53, S3), PostreSQL, Redis and Node.js (ES6, Sequelize, ExpressJS)

Let’s talk

We’d love to get to know you, let’s chat. If you prefer email, we’re No need to overthink it, GitHub and/or LinkedIn profiles will get the conversation going 😎

After you reach out

First we’ll invite you for a cup of coffee with one of the developers, so you get to ask about the everyday work that we do. We’d love to hear about what you value in a workplace and how you would like to develop yourself in the future.

Next, we want to give you a chance to work with one of your possible future teammates. We’ll set up a pair programming exercise, where you and the teammate work on solving a task together for an hour. It’s all about communicating and problem solving in a team - we love to pair program at Neverthink to learn from one another.

After that, hopefully we’re both ready to decide whether to take on this journey together!