Ever thought watching YouTube videos could be a full-time job? Here at Neverthink we’re obsessed with videos and our team of curators watches thousands of them every single day. Each team member curates a subject they’re really passionate about, diving into the weirdest corners of the internet to find the funniest, craziest, most bizarre and interesting content out there. We’re now looking for a teammate with a curious mind to join the team with the best job in the world, so keep on reading!

How we imagine you

You love watching YouTube so much that you wish somebody would pay you to do it all day every day. Whether it’s gachimuchi or cat videos, you love discovering new videos and are familiar with the communities and discussions around them. You live and breath internet culture and always stay on top of what’s happening.

You are a creator by nature, and have ideas for concepts that could add something new to our current channel selection. You don’t have just vision, but also knowledge of how to start executing those concepts and how to maintain them. You also have proven ability to create things that people share and engage with, whether it’s a YouTube playlist, a meme, a blog, or a social media profile or post.

Most importantly, you’re passionate about some genre of YouTube, and excited to help new creators be found.

There is no checklist for who makes a perfect curator, but work or other experience related to online communities, video, media, or curation is a plus.

The position is full-time and on site at our office in Sörnäinen, Helsinki.

What we offer:

  • A job that entertains you (we absolutely guarantee this!)
  • A crazy funny family of a team
  • Weekly team activities, like gaming, sports, or Friday beers
  • Opportunities to expand your role within the team, if there’s something other than curation you’re interested in
  • A chance to be a part of building something new in a creative and fast-paced startup environment

Let’s talk

To apply, think of a channel that in your opinion, would be a good addition to our current selection. Make a 20-video demo playlist of that channel, and send it to our team at:

Along with the demo playlist, please send us an introduction video of yourself in English, your CV/ link to your LinkedIn profile and your salary expectation.

What happens after you reach out

If your application and playlist seem promising, we’ll invite you for a chat at our office. After getting to know each other, we will give you a couple of more curation tasks to get a better overview of your skills.

In the final stage, we’ll invite you for coffee or lunch to meet the whole content team.

After that, hopefully we’re both ready to decide if we are a good match!