Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neverthink?

Neverthink is the #1 video platform and community for meme creators. What makes us stand out is our use of human curation—in a world drowning in great content, we believe that excellent curation makes all the difference. All you have to do is pick a channel, lean back and enjoy the show!

How is Neverthink curated?

The videos are selected by a bunch of Internet culture experts, meme influencers and seasoned curators who know precisely what needs to be done in order to find the best videos for each channel.

Where are the videos from?

We find videos from all over the Internet. Some of them are embedded from YouTube and Vimeo, and we also have content from our partners, which we showcase on our own video player.

What about the creators of the videos?

Content creators are really important to us, and all the videos on Neverthink are either provided directly by our content partners, or embedded according to YouTube's or Vimeo’s terms. This means that creators directly benefit from being featured on the app.

Where can I watch Neverthink?

You can watch Neverthink on our iOS, Android, Jio, and KaiOS apps, on Apple TV, Android TV, Portal and Portal TV from Facebook, Amazon Fire TV, Oculus TV, Samsung Smart TVs and on our web app. In addition, you can cast Neverthink to your TV with Chromecast.

Why should I sign up and log in, what are the benefits?

The main benefit with signing up is that it syncs the app if you want to use Neverthink on multiple devices. This means that if you're signed up and use the same account on a different device, the app will remember which videos you watched before and not show them again. Also, if you've saved any videos, you'll have those on the account on any mobile device.

How do I submit a video?

You can suggest a video to the team by sending us a YouTube link on the "Write to team" tab in the app settings, or via email at