Creator Partner FAQ

What is Neverthink?

Neverthink is the best way to watch great Internet videos without the tedious search. Just pick a channel, lean back and enjoy the show. What makes us stand out is our use of human curation. In a world drowning in great content, we believe that excellent curation makes all the difference.

The Neverthink app is available on all major web, mobile and TV platforms. You can read more about us at:

How do you use my videos currently?

All the videos on Neverthink are embedded according to YouTube’s terms, using the YouTube embedded player.

Why can’t I see Neverthink on my YouTube statistics?

YouTube doesn’t show views on embedded videos played on autoplay (how Neverthink plates videos).

Does Neverthink give proper credit to creators?

Yes. Neverthink users can access your video on YouTube by tapping the YouTube icon on the Neverthink player. We also show the title & creator for each video.

What does becoming a Neverthink partner mean?

By becoming a Neverthink partner, you give us permission to use your videos on Neverthink, allowing us to make and share revenue with you once we start monetizing. You’ll also be prominently featured as one of our trusted creators. In addition, you will get statistics about your videos, unlike with the YouTube embedded player we’re currently using, which doesn’t show any statistics for autoplay embedded videos.

How much will I get paid when monetizing starts?

This is yet to be determined. We will send you a contract to sign with all the details before we actually start monetizing. For now, we just want a preliminary permission in order to expand our partner network.

How will I get notified once you start monetizing?

Before we start monetizing, we will send you a contract to sign and get your payment details.

Does this mean I give you the rights to my content?

By becoming a Neverthink partner, you only give us the permission to showcase your content on Neverthink in a way that we start to monetize and give creators a revenue share. You can still publish and share your content wherever you like.

How do I become a partner?

All you need to do is answer our partnership inquiry, or send us an email at:

Can I stop being a partner if I wish?

Yes, you can withdraw from being a partner at any time just by notifying us at: