Neverthink Brand Guidelines

Building blocks for our brand. While this page is here to get you started, all uses need to be approved by us.

Safe space

The Neverthink Logo always needs safe space surrounding it. Use the Logo’s height to determine the minimum amount of safe space that should surround the Logo.

Safe area

  • Use any colors other than black or white
  • Stretch or skew the Logo
  • Choose a different typeface
  • Add visual effects like a drop shadow
  • Change the shape of the Logo

Logo white

Using the Logo on solid backgrounds

The white Logo should be used on a background that’s darker than 50% gray. The black Logo should be used on a background that’s lighter than 50% gray.

Logo white Logo black
Download white logo Download black logo


Neverthink app icon should only be used for icons/avatars.


Download icon


The pixel pattern should be used scarcely. Don’t overlay other imagery on top of it or alter it in any way. There’s two different assets available, with and without the logo.

Pattern Logo
Download pattern Download pattern with logo


Neverthink brand palette consits of five accent colors and shades of black and white. Black should be the predominant color in all most applications and accents should be used sparingly for higlighting, selection, emphasis etc.


Blue Pink Purple Lime Orange
Blue Pink Purple Lime Orange
#00B4FF #FF00B4 #B400FF #AAF200 #FFB400


Gray 1 Gray 2 Gray 3 Gray 4 Gray 5
Gray 1 Gray 2 Gray 3 Gray 4 Gray 5
#111111 #222222 #404040 #808080 #AAAAAA