New channels: Change, Fitness and POP

Since January is the month of transformation, we decided to add not one, not two, but three new channels for you to enjoy! Keep on reading if you want to know what’s new.

Change 💪🏽

Representation, discussion and dialogue by a diverse group of change makers. We recommend ‘Change’ for anyone who’s interested about the issues that affect minorities.

Fitness 🏋️

At last, one of our most requested channels is here! Whether you want to FINALLY achieve those abs you’ve always dreamed about or just need some inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, this one’s the channel for you. From exercise tutorials, workout and gym tips to nutrition advice, these videos will help you transform your training habits and get you kickstarted for a healthier, stronger 2019.


Bringing a splash of color, fun and glitter to Neverthink! ‘POP’ is the perfect channel for anyone who’s into celebrities and pop stars – it’s basically a pop culture feed that has all the newest music videos, interviews and and entertainment news. If you love Cardi B, Ariana and BTS, this will be your new favorite channel.

Head over to the app to check out Fitness, POP and Change today. They are available on all platforms, no updates needed!