New channels: Product Hunt TV & Introducing Myself

Hey! We made a couple of new channels for you to try out, both of which are totally different than what we’ve ever created before.

Product Hunt TV is a channel inspired by Product Hunt’s Makers Festival earlier this year, where one of the product requests was a “Product Hunt TV”, where you could flip through the newest product videos. Back when Neverthink was still a small side project, it first got popular on Product Hunt – so now it’s time to give back. This is why we decided to made a channel to show all the latest and coolest product videos on the site. Try out Product Hunt TV now and start discovering new products!

Introducing myself on the other hand, is a channel dedicated to new and almost unseen YouTube videos with titles like “my first video” or “Introducing myself”. The videos are raw, sometimes adorable, sometimes awkward – but always real. Take a peek and welcome the new creators!

We hope you enjoy these releases!