New channel: Weird Toons

As the days get darker and colder, we keep dropping new channels. This time we’re excited to introduce Weird Toons- the home of dark humor cartoons.

Weird toons is curated by one of our first curators, Mikko. Initially, he just collected the videos for himself since there wasn’t a place on the internet where he could find all his favorites. Then, the team made a “weird toons” special, and eventually the concept evolved into a channel.

“If you like South Park or Rick & Morty, you’ll probably really enjoy this channel. What’s unique about it is that a lot of the videos are from smaller creators that you wouldn’t necessarily stumble upon otherwise,” Mikko says.

The videos are bold, often controversial and always brutally funny. Try it out now, it’s available on all our platforms!

Screenshot: “Galactic Emperor” by MakingShorts__