New channel: VHS

As the days get colder and darker, we’re continuing on our journey of adding experimental channels. Today we’re introducing one that will be perfect for autumn evenings when you just want to be alone and have some well-deserved me time.

VHS is a daily updating collection of retro style, melancholic videos. Some of them are bittersweet and nostalgic, some are just bizarre—but together they create a magical, melancholic vibe and aesthetics.

The channel is curated by Tuukka Linnala. Tuukka, where did you get the idea?

“While curating other channels, I found lots of cool retro style videos. I enjoyed the 80’s synth pop combined with gloomy aesthetics, and started to collect songs and videos just for myself, for when I’m alone gaming or something. I figured that there’s no collection like this anywhere and thought that others would enjoy the concept as well, so that’s how the channel was born.”

VHS is available on all our platforms, and we recommend trying it out especially on the TV. Enjoy!

Screenshot: WHO’S WATCHING (Halloween Vapor-grave Music Video) by Kelpius__