New Channel: Memeternet Explorer

Human curation? Creation. This bot? Trying its best.

Jokes aside, our latest channel addition, Memeternet Explorer, serves a very fine, specific purpose: to offer a window into the past by delivering you the freshest, chart-topping videos and memes — with only a slight seven-year-delay. Let us explain.

Was YouTube more innocent back in the day? Do you remember what memes were like seven years ago? Me neither. Seven years is pretty much an eternity in Internet years. Jakob, who came up with the idea of Memeternet Explorer, often found himself scrolling through different subreddits, trying to get a sneak peek back in time to see what was out there back in the day. This curiosity for the memes long gone inspired him to create a bot that digs the most popular videos and memes of the Internet… all the way from 2013.

While recommendation algorithms try to figure out what you like, Memeternet Explorer is guided by its own specific set of rules, surfacing strange-yet-amazing things from the depths of the Internet. With this bot, you can always expect the unexpected. Memeternet Explorer now available on all platforms — hop aboard here.

PS. We love the randomness of the Internet. We know you do too. We’d like to test different bots with unusual, funny sets of rules to just see what happens. What kind of stuff would you like to see our dutiful bots harvesting from the wild, wild Web? Let us know! 💌

Thumbnail: HELP ME!! BIGGER TURKEY by Rocco Botte