New channel: Living Green

Whether it’s the perfect Veganuary mood board stream or a more thorough eco-friendly life makeover you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.

Living Green offers a vast bunch of tips, tricks, instant life hacks and plant-based food for thought for anyone interested in turning your weekly meal preps into vegan munch feasts, learning more about zero waste products and finding your way to lead a more sustainable life.

Having an interest in a more eco-conscious lifestyle does not mean that you need to pack your bags and move to a Wi-Fi free yurt on the outskirts of known civilization. It can be both easy and fun. Living Green is all about showcasing the community making sustainable life accessible and engaging.

The channel features vegan recipe tryouts, zero waste challenges, easy-to-follow tips and hacks on how to make your everyday routines more sustainable.

Reuse, recycle, reduce, repeat.

Living Green is now available on all platforms! 🌱

Thumbnail: Cozy vegan soups » a hug in a bowl 🥣 by Pick Up Limes