New channel: Human

Today we’re introducing a new channel called “Human”, curated by Raul Silvennoinen. The channel is all about inspiring, thought-provoking and extraordinary life stories told by the people themselves, in their own voices. The content ranges from pioneers of subcultures to inspiring stories of people going out of their way to make a difference in the world.

“I’ve always found the perspectives of individuals to be intriguing, how people stand tall by their quirks and passions in a world that sometimes comes across like Tetris. I felt that while we had a wealth of channels featuring different walks of life, we didn’t have a channel dedicated to the perspective of the walker yet,” Raul tells about what inspired him to create the channel. He says curating Human is both challenging and rewarding: “The best part would be finding the content where the subjects are at peace with their world, who seek to heal conflicts without pretense, or who are genuine in what makes them tick. The hardest part is denying quality content that doesn’t meet the quota – I keep a strict line in red- lighting all content that seeks to moralize or ridicule a human opening up. We could all use a little listening from time to time.”

Anyone who is interested in the inner workings of a fellow human will find themselves at home on this channel. Raul recommends putting it on whenever you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders – seeing other people living their passions to the fullest is truly an awe-inspiring sight that never gets old.