New Channel: Crime Scene

Ahoy, all armchair detectives 🕵🏽‍♀

Now, in a Neverthink channel near you…

What does Crime Scene have to offer? All the true crime classics, mesmerizing murder mysteries, master thieves and this-just-in ongoing cases compiled together for your deviant delight.

Crime Scene offers fresh perspectives on the genre of true crime as a whole. Not only will you look at your favorite hot-and-cold cases from a fresh angle, but you’ll also discover a bunch of state-of-the-art-crime stories you’ve somehow missed before.

True crime rookie? You’ve come to the right neighborhood.

Already a crime scene kid? We’ll find a way to surprise you.

You’re welcome, bud. Time to snoop around.

Someone must know something!

Now available on all platforms.

Thumbnail: FBI Finally Solve the Cold Case of DB Cooper by TheRichest