New channel: Art Buffet

Today we’re introducing a new channel Art Buffet, curated by Raul Silvennoinen who just joined the team. The idea of Art Buffet is to treat you with reality bending visual art goodness. It doesn’t matter if it’s digital or handmade, as long as the artistic quality of the piece is mostly derived from perception.

The concept of the channel was born from a grey area between the other artsy channels, “Abstract“ and “Creativity”. Inspired by the work of a lot of the artists on those channels as well as artists close to him, Raul started constructing Art Buffet.

“The best part about curating the channel is seeing all this content. I am constantly amazed by the subject matter, and it is my little obsession to try to find the best possible drama for the running order of the pieces. You might spot a few themes I reference when moving from certain kinds of crafts to the next one. The hardest part is turning down some material because it doesn’t fit the flow or vibe of the channel. A lot of the amazing stuff I scrape from the online canvas has been made with genuine passion, but unfortunately just doesn’t flow with other visual art content,” Raul says.

We recommend putting the channel on when you want to take a break and see something out of this world. The videos are so visually stunning that you can also just have the channel on in the background, even on mute!

Thumbnail: “Fractalicious 8” by Julius Horsthuis__