Meet our content manager: Sami Simola

Hi Sami! What’s your background?

I’m finishing my master studies in Aalto University. I’m majoring in marketing, and before joining Neverthink I worked in sales.

And how did you end up working at Neverthink?

I was finishing my exchange studies in Budapest and I was figuring out what could be a cool place to work after my exchange. My friends were working in a cool media startup called Neverthink and I decided to apply. I got in and started here as a curator, and now I’m taking care of our curation.

You’re in charge of the whole content team. What’s your typical workday like?

I’m currently spending most of my time with recruiting and managing curation. Usually, there are also many small tasks that need to be done during the week.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on finding new curators to join our team. This week I have meetings with a couple of candidates and I’ll also start discussions with a few new influencer curators.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that everyday is so different. I don’t get bored when I’m working here. I have the best colleagues, chance to meet new people, think about new channel concepts and find new curators.

Which achievement have you personally been most proud of, while working here?

Winning the Google Play “Best living room experience” trophy was one of the proudest Neverthink moments. We had worked really hard and got an amazing recognition. That felt really really good!

What’s unique about Neverthink as a workplace?

People are real here. It’s a cliché, but this feels like a second family. Most of us had friends here before joining Neverthink, which has made our company extremely close.

What’s your best tip for people who want to become curators at Neverthink?

My best piece of advice is to understand that curation is much more than just watching videos. We like to say that curation is creation. We create new channels, concepts and ideas all the time, so the curators need to be curious and open-minded towards different topics and ideas.

Last but not least, what’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Football. I have played football my entire life and I’m still really passionate about it. The highlights of my week are Liverpool’s games. I hope I can get tickets to Anfield to watch Liverpool’s home game next year.