Meet the curator: Maija Mäkelä

Hi Maija! Which channels are you curating?

I curate Learn Something and Making Stuff.

What did you do before joining Neverthink?

I am still a senior in high school and therefore only work part-time at Neverthink. I’ve also had more casual student jobs before – I’ve worked in a grocery store and in a cafe.

When I first started at Neverthink, I didn’t really know which channels I’d be curating so I just started finding new content for all different channels. Learn Something was my favorite so I focused on that one, and now I’ve been curating it for over a year. I love learning about gene technology and the human mind, but usually the most random videos end up being the most interesting.

What kind of videos are your favorite? Who’s your favorite creator?

I love everything that’s visually outstanding. On Learn Something animated videos are my favorite and on Making Stuff I prefer artsy, time-lapse kind of stuff. My favorite creators are Kurzgesagt and TED-ed.

What’s the best part about your job?

In addition to being super fun, the best part of my job is its flexibility. I’m a very spontaneous person and my schedule is changing all the time so being able to work almost whenever and wherever I want is perfect for me.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I love vintage fashion so strolling around thrift stores is definitely my number one hobby. Trying out new vegan recipes is a close second though!