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Our story

Neverthink was created because we missed the lean-back experience of watching TV, and wanted to combine it with content we love from YouTube.

This is how Neverthink, “TV of the Internet”, was born. We currently have over 25 channels featuring the best videos from YouTube.

What makes us stand out is our focus on human curation: videos are hand‑picked daily by our team of Internet culture experts, meme influencers and YouTubers.

Helping some of the world’s biggest companies surface short form video

Curation is creation

Curators are currently undervalued and not rewarded for their work by platforms. We believe curators have a significant role to play within the video ecosystem. Curation is much more than just filtering and collecting videos. Curators are creators who use short form videos as building blocks for creating something unique and original.


Helping new creators

Surfacing new creators is important to us. Currently 1 out of 3 videos on Neverthink come from creators with less than a 100 subscribers on YouTube. Read more about our partner program.


Breaking echo chambers

Neverthink is the opposite of a personalized feed. We believe that discovering something brand new is more valuable than finding more of what you already know you like.

Direct hit

Value over clicks

Channels are not curated based on engagement data or clicks. Instead, curators are encouraged to pick whatever feels valuable to them. It’s completely their call.

Enjoy Neverthink anywhere

Neverthink is available on most platforms like Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, Huawei, Samsung Smart TVs, Facebook Portal and others.

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We’ve had lots of early successes so far, but we’re anything but done. Learn more about what happens behind the scenes of Neverthink and find out more about our openings.

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