Data scientist/engineer

We‘re looking for a skilled data scientist/engineer to help us change the way people consume video online. We don’t pretend to know what exactly makes a great teammate until we meet you. But anyway, here’s our thinking to help you get a feel if it’s worth your time reaching out.

How we imagine you

You know your math, and you’ve worked in a team that puts models into production. Academic doesn’t need to be a dirty word, but you can do your own plumbing.

Jobs to be done

Here you could be building a real-time learning system, recommendation engine, predictive analytics, scrapers and globe-spanning network models. Maybe to unearth the cultural niches we want to serve with their beloved content. You can tell us what’s likely to work and worth the effort.

We’re developing a butter-smooth user experience on practically all the platforms out there: Android, iOS, Web, Smart TV’s, Set-top boxes and Oculus, just to name a few.

It all needs to be served by a scalable back-end and a command center for content curators. The current stack consists of AWS, PostreSQL, Redis and Node.js.

You would choose the data stack. And help our developers up to speed with it.

Let’s talk

We’d love to get to know you, let’s chat, no strings attached. If you prefer email, we’re, no need to overthink it, GitHub and/or LinkedIn profiles get the conversation going 😎