Ever thought watching YouTube videos could be a full-time job? Here at Neverthink we’re obsessed with videos and our team of curators watches thousands of them every single day. Each team member curates a subject they’re really passionate about, and we dive into the weirdest corners of the internet to find the funniest, craziest, most bizarre and interesting content out there. We’re now looking for a team mate with a curious mind and a passionate heart to join the team with the best job in the word, so keep on reading!

How we imagine you

You love watching YouTube so much that you wish somebody would pay you to do it all day every day. Whether it’s conspiracy theories or cat videos, you love discovering new videos and are familiar with the communities and discussions around them. You live and breath internet culture and always stay on top of things. Most importantly - you’re passionate about something, be it memes, or gaming or art. If you have crazy and bold ideas for channel concepts that’s even better.

Let’s talk

To apply, send us a 20-video playlist of your favorite videos along with an introduction video of yourself at You can attach a CV or a link to your Linkedin profile as well. Please let us know also if you would like to work full-time or part time, we’re flexible with the type of position we can offer!