Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neverthink?

Neverthink was born in late 2016, created by a few friends who missed the lean-back experience of television and wanted to bring that same experience to watching videos online. Quickly after creating it for themselves, word started to spread and they realised they were not the only ones who love watching videos while eating. Now our team watches over 1.2 million videos per year in search for the best ones so you don’t have to.

How is Neverthink curated?

Every day our team watches thousands of videos on the internet and selects the best ones into the channels you see. Yes, our full time job is to watch online videos all day, every day!

Where are the videos from?

We find videos all over the internet but all of them are embedded from YouTube.

How do you select the videos?

We have an extremely diverse team and each channel is curated by a person who is truly excited and passionate about the subject of their channel.

What about the creators of the videos?

Content creators are super important to us and all the videos on Neverthink are embedded according to YouTube’s terms which means that creators really benefit from being featured on the app.

Where can I watch Neverthink?

You can watch Neverthink on our iOS and Android apps, on Apple TV, Android TV and Oculus TV, on Samsung Smart TVs and on our web app. In addition, you can stream Neverthink to your TV using Chromecast.